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Sample Wines, Preserve Bottles, and Resell Coravin Systems

Sample Wines, Preserve Bottles, and Resell Coravin Systems

Coravin wine by the glass systems can transform all facets of your winery business, from your tasting room to your gift shop.

Sample your entire portfolio

to encourage guests to try and buy new wines.

Pour and preserve wines for weeks or years

in your tasting room.

Resell Coravin Systems in your gift shop

to give them a winery experience at home.

Coravin Professional for the Tasting Room

The Coravin Professional wine by the glass systems boast a 30% larger capsule cup to accommodate the Coravin Pure Argon Pro Capsules. You can serve just as much wine as your guests desire, and save the rest for weeks, months, or even years, without wastage.

Coravin Pro Replenishment Program

The Coravin Professional systems comes with our Pro Kit replenishment program. Every four months, capsules, accessories, and more are delivered straight to your restaurant so that you never have to worry about ordering more or running low.

Coravin for Resale

Coravin offers products for every wine lover, from the novice explorer to the experienced collector. Become a Coravin Business Partner to start reselling the ultimate wine preservation products in your store. Get creative by offering wine and Coravin product bundles to add more value for you and your customers.

Coravin Wine by the Glass Systems for Wineries

Tested and Loved by Restaurant Professionals

The Coravin [System] has allowed us to expose our customers to more varietals and more vintages, and we couldn’t do that prior to having the Coravin because it was just too expensive to open up those bottles of wine. Coravin allows me to elevate anybody’s experience here at the winery. It’s absolutely amazing to be able to share with our guests an ounce or two of this, an ounce or two of that, and still have effectively a complete bottle of wine. I save so much time and so much money using the Coravin.

KR Rombauer
Winemaker, Rombauer Vineyards

For years guests have been coming in, often with the opening phrase, 'What's open today?' ad we as a staff have a lot of fun telling the, 'Everything's open! We have a Coravin!' So every guest now has the same opportunity to try our most coveted wines.

Aaron Covino
Tasting Room Assistant Manager, Morgan Winery

Prior to Coravin, the challenges in the context of hospitality were really around the strategy of featuring limited production wines for our visitors. Coravin has empowered us to effectively and efficiently feature certain wines that we wouldn’t otherwise have that opportunity to showcase. Being able to showcase a wine that’s a single barrel in production allows us to really give to a guest that opportunity to taste something that they wouldn’t otherwise even see out in the marketplace.

Scott Johnson
Estate and Membership Manager, Robert Craig Winery