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Coravin’s ingenious Mother’s Day wine-guide

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Mothers are truly the heart of the household. We were lucky to have moms who've sacrificed countless hours of their time to care for and bring us up. Trust us; we know how hard it is to shop for Mom, especially for Mother’s Day. But fret not! We’ve created a helpful guide to support you in preparing a memorable day for Mom. Not only do we have a list of wonderful gifts to purchase, we also have an easy-to-follow guide to help you arrange the most memorable day to share with your wine-loving-momma.

First - a “show stopping” gift

Coravin makes a great Mother's Day gift for several reasons:

Coravin’s wine-by-the-glass systems allow her to enjoy a glass of wine without having to finish the bottle. For example: Coravin Timeless is a wine preservation system that uses a needle to access wine from a bottle without removing the cork. This means that your mother can enjoy a glass of wine without having to finish the whole bottle, which is perfect if she likes to sample different wines or doesn't drink wine regularly.

Because Coravin devices prevent oxygen from entering the bottle, they help to preserve the quality and taste of the wine over time. This means that your mother can enjoy a bottle of wine over several weeks (with Pivot or Sparkling) or even months (with Timeless) without it losing its flavor, aroma or complexity.

Coravin will enable you and your mom to try new and different wines without having to commit to a whole bottle. This provides a fun and unique wine experience that she is sure to appreciate.

Second - choosing the right wine

You’ve known her for years, so you probably know what she likes. Maybe Mom enjoys a cold glass of dry-white, a beautifully effervescent bubbly, or a full-bodied red. Or… all of the above. Whatever her preference, you get to make the choice. Below is a list of wines that may be well-suited to your Mom. Some she knows and loves, or one she’s never considered, but would go perfect with a classic movie, bowl of popcorn and cuddling on the couch with her favorite child. You decide…

1. Pinot Noir - Your mom has a very colorful personality and she knows how to be the life of the party without going over the top. She is charismatic, sophisticated, confident and in charge. No wonder you always have a good time when she’s around.

2. Cabernet Sauvignon - Strong willed, intelligent and assertive, it’s no wonder that your mom rules the roost. When she sets her mind on something, nothing can stop her. You can always turn to your mom for advice or guidance and she never lets you down.

3. Champagne - Your mom is well-liked by everybody and can often be found catching up with her friends or hosting an event at home. She’s always there for you - all you have to do is ask.

4. Chardonnay - Your mother is level headed and often takes care of everyone else before thinking about herself. She is incredibly thoughtful and patient with others, but if you cross her, beware!

5. Merlot - Your mom is naturally elegant and refined. She loves being at home with family and friends, but also knows how to live it up in style when she goes out on the town. Her friends love her because she makes them laugh and keeps them entertained.

6. Rosé - Your mom is a social butterfly who’s always surrounded by friends. She loves to host parties and has an infectious laugh that gets everyone smiling (even when times are tough).

7. Riesling - Your mother loves flowers and fruit — just like Riesling wines! They’re light-bodied with fruity aromas like peach or apricot, which are perfect for springtime celebrations like Mother’s Day!

Third - planning the perfect day together

We’ve already suggested a classic movie, but that can wait for after your **drum roll** taste testing!

Hosting a taste-testing at home is one of the reasons so many of our customers love Coravin. These systems allow you to create your one at-home wine bar and pair different wines with food, cheese or chocolate.

Either you prepare a wine pairing day at home or you spoil her by taking her to one of the 50 best restaurants that use Coravin to pour.

Or, maybe your mom deserves a relaxing day at home. In that case, help your Mom relax and unwind by treating her to a spa day or a massage. Alternatively, draw her a bath, light some candles, play her favorite album and pour her a delicious glass of wine to unwind.

Fourth - tell her how much she means to you

No matter how you choose to celebrate Mother's Day, the most important thing is to show your Mom how much you love and appreciate her. Make her feel special and loved, and let her know how much she means to you.

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