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All About Resealing Corks, Plus 5 Fun Cork Facts

All About Resealing Corks, Plus 5 Fun Cork Facts

Coravin Timeless wine by the glass systems rely on natural cork closures to reseal themselves after accessing a bottle of wine. If you are accessing a bottle with a synthetic cork or screw cap closure, we recommend using Coravin Pivot or the Coravin Screw Cap accessory. Our screw cap attachment provides up to three months of preservation. Pivot and Pivot+ provide up to 4 weeks of preservation time.

If you're a Coravin Timeless user, there are a few factors that can affect the speed at which a cork will reseal. In this video, Coravin founder and inventor, Greg Lambrecht, shares some information about cork's elasticity and how that allows them to reseal after each pour.

A little about resealing corks

5 Things You Didn't Know about Cork

Want to learn more about this miraculous material? Here are five cork facts that fascinated us.

  1. Early use. A container from the 1st century BC was found in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus. It was sealed with cork and still contained wine.

  2. Why cork? Cork is the ideal stopper for wine bottles because of its lightness, impermeability, resistance to rot, compressibility, expandability (ehem, why Coravin works), and flexibility.

  3. Cork's habitat. There are more than 6 million acres of cork forest around the world and half of the world's raw cork comes from Portugal thanks to the precise rain, wine, and soil of the region.

  4. Sustainable sourcing. Once the tree reaches maturity (25-30 years old), cork can be harvested once every 9 years and until it is approximately 200 years old.

  5. Durability. Thanks to the cork bark, which acts like a shield, cork oaks usually survive forest fires and return to full growth quickly.

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